Thursday, June 12, 2014

Poor drywall mud and sanding applications

The drywaller over sanded a living room drywall. He didn't quite do my homework well enough before sanding the compound, and he sanded too much. The final coats of mud should be wide enough to cover the areas sanded. For any remaining fuzzy spots, Just mud it lightly to cover the fuzz with a skim coat and sand again before priming is the fix. The drywaller also covered screws with only one coat of mud that had shown through, ha also had "pits in some of the mud that needed to be filled as well as unfilled nail holes, exposed tape on seams and dust left on the drywall. To a builder who is uneducated and lacks the knowledge he may think this is ready for prime and paint, but these issues need to be corrected by a poor drywaller before primer. But someone in a rush may find this acceptable. Is this the drywallers fault? Partially, but the majority of blame lies in a poor contractor who did not do the final inspection before the go head to paint. Here are a few examples from a job we were on with a poor builder. These all passed inspection and were not the only areas these occurred and the whole area was not dusted as well ( which does not make a difference when spraying as it blows all the dust off before paint is applied. These were all passed as acceptable and ready for paint.

Its hard to see but there is an exposed seem in this ceiling corner

Here is an example of one area of oversand

Here is one of the screws without the second coat of mud

An example some of the pits that were not filled in after the final coat

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