Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Brick Paver Sidewalk and Steps

Brick paver sidewalk with brick and paver steps. The old cement walk was removed. A 42" footing was dug for the steps. cement was laid with wire to lay the brick. The brick pavers were cemented down and joints filled. We then built two brick steps to match the homes existing brick and capped them with brick paver stair treads.

Porch and Step Build

New porch and cap were built along with three brick steps with split-faced limestone stair treads

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Basement Wall Repair

Dirt was excavated from rear of home, the rear wall was supported, damaged and bowing block basement wall removed. The wall was reblocked, drain tile, glass block window installed and ground backfilled.

Plow Truck Through Wall Repair

A plow truck hit the side of building damaging brick corner and pushing through interior wall, breaking studs and drywall. Outside was rebricked. The inside had studs, drywall and insulation removed. New studs, insulation and dywall were installed, along with electrical and phone lines reran and paint.