Monday, June 6, 2011

Installing a doorbell

Doorbell wiring requires a transformer that connects to a 120-volt circuit. It reduces the
electric voltage to about 12-volts.
Be sure to turn off the electricity before you wire the doorbell transformer to the house power. Turn off the breaker and tell other family members what you are doing. The transformer will have a hot screw and a neutral screw.The black wire from the
house power will connect to the hot screw and the white wire will connect to the neutral
screw. This will give the doorbell transformer power. There will be one hot wire and one
neutral wire that runs from the transformer to the chime box.
The doorbell wiring will use two hot lines that run from the chime box to the doorbell. If
the doorbell is controlling two locations, then it will most likely have two different
chimes so you know which door to answer. The cable will connect to the transformer
with two hot screws for each doorbell. The cable will also attach to each doorbell with
these two hot cables. When the doorbell button is pushed, the circuit will complete the
electrical current and the doorbell will chime


  1. Nice instructions :) simple as that - i think my pals dont havce to wait outside any longer ;)

  2. seems pretty simple compared to other wiring stuff

  3. interesting,maybe now i can replace the broken one at my door.

  4. I've installed a couple of doorbells myself, it's pretty basic stuff, this is a nice tutorial

  5. thanks for the info but i don't think ill do it ever :D

  6. If I ever need one, I'll just use a remote chime you can just hang on a nail.

  7. So now no more "knock knock" jokes :( followed

  8. very interesting, thanks for sharing

  9. These diagrams make electronics look easy